A new briefing is always posted on Wednesday afternoons. You will have one week, until the following Wednesday 24hrs, to complete the related assignment. Readings for the briefing and the assignment will be shared in the respective blog post.

15.3. Why Study Media Reform?

  • A Long Journey: Histories, and Current State of Media Reform, Media Justice, and related movements.

 22.3. Advocates and Activists: Stakeholders in Making Change Happen.

  • Exploring the key issues and debates, and their manifestations in local and global levels.

NOTE! 23.3. 1630-18: Ranking Digital Rights Launch – livestream.

29.3. Old Issues: Ownership and Content (aka diversity at stake).

  • Examining different organizations and networks working in the space.
  • Ranking Digital Rights stories due.

5.4.  Old New Issues: Freedom of Expression and Privacy

  • What are digital rights?

12.4. Newer Issues : From Access to Algorithms – and other challenges

  • Examining different organizations and networks working in the space.
  • Your cases

19.4. Engaged Scholarship: Role of Research?

26.4. Strategies and Tactics.

  • Cases explored.
  • One tool explored: policy briefs.
  • Final paper instructions.

3.5. Meeting 14-17: The Future?

Voluntary Final Paper Consultations, individually, on Thur 4.5., Mon 8.5., and Tue 9.5.

NOTE! 15.5. Final Paper Due.

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